At home workouts with resistance bands – No weights needed.

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to keep yourself looking good. But the surprising thing is that many people feel that they need a gym membership or a weight room to get in shape but there are other simpler ways it can be done. I was walking down the sporting good aisle one day and decided to get some resistance bands to try something new and easy to take to the park. I am starting to like my work outs at home better than my old gym workouts because they are easier and a lot more fun to do than just sitting in the weight room for 2 hours. Getting fresh air and trying new exercises outside has really helped me learn how easy it is to get in a quick workout. At home workouts with resistance bands is a great way to achieve this.

The benefits of using a resistance band.

The bands are great for beginners and pros alike because the movement of the bands are very easy to perform while woriking the muscle in a negative and positve manner.They feel smoother and more flexible than using weights and at the the same time they give you that burn and pump that you are looking for. Here are 5 other good benefits of of using resistance bands.

1. They are easier on the joints than traditional weights – There is less jerking and tearing of ligaments when using bands over weights. The motion is much more fluid to which there is an anchor point which actually engages more of the body with each exercise.

2. They build and firm your muscles – Just like dumbells these bands can really build up your physique. The bands do a better job at building because now you get the negative resistance that dumbells dont give you. You can’t just let the bands loose and thus the resistance is constant giving you more cardio and pump power.

3. Increases strength throughout your entire body – Resistance band exercises increases and disperses strength evenly so not only are you your muslces and blood flow working together but you are making your body less injury prone this way.

4. Easier to take with you than a pair of dumbells – You can throw these in your mesh bag or just keep them in your trunk. These bands are easy to move around and they are not as dangerous as a heavy pair of 25 lb dumbells can be near your vehicle or your baby toe.

5. Resistance bands are very versatile – These bands will cover your whole entire work out if needed. You can do just about every gym moment possible at the comfort of your own home or the nearby park.I like to stress the point of working out at the park or at least outside because the sun really does give us awesome energy that we all need and feed off.

Better than going to the gym – Here is a quick 15 minute workout.

My usual workout includes at least 2 body parts a day but sometimes I like to mix things up and only do one or even sometimes three depending on my mood. The bands are great for pulling out at the park after a 15 to 30 minute jogging session. Believe me there is a lot of walking and resting in between. I just make sure I do it every day and never give up. In this work out we are going to cover our biceps and legs. Make sure you get a good hold on that band with your foot because you don’t want it to sling you like a rubber band.

The strong biceps routine.

1. Bicep curls – Stand on your resistance band using your foot as an anchor point and perform a slow and focused bicep curl. Keep proper form by maintaining a straight spine and tucking your elbows in as you do the curls.

2. One arm concentration curls – Step on the resistance band, rest your elbow on your thigh and hold one handle in your hand. Lean forward so your back is slightly bent. Keep your arm still and curl the band as far as it goes. Lower it back down and repeat.

3. Standing reverse grip bicep curl – This exercise is for the lifter who is looking for bigger arms. Stand on the band with your feet at hips width. Grab a handle on each hand and stand straight up. Don’t allow your back to arch. Start with your arms straight down with palms facing backwards. Slowly bend both elbows and lower the handles back to your starting position. Repeat.

The strong legs routine.

1. Squats – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and flat on the floor turned outward at a slight angle. Place the band under your heels and pull the handles up to your chest area. Grab the band with each hand at shoulder level and stretch it up 1 to 2 inches. Hold this position while performing the squat. Lower yourself into the squat by bending your knees and hips at the same time. Slowly stand back up to the starting position. Repeat.

2. Lunges – Place the resistance band directly under one foot and grab each handle with both hands. Bend the arms and hold them in one place. Take a large step forward and lower yourself until your back knee touches the ground. Push yourself back up through your front quad muscle to the starting position then step your front leg back to the original standing position. The more you pull on your upper body the harder the exercise will be so it’s totally in your control.

3. Calf raises – One of my favorites exercises because having nice calves is very sexy and appealing. Start by standing up straight with your toes on the resistance band and raise the handles to your chest area. Raise up your toes, keeping your hands up by your chest and feeling the stretch in your calf muscles. Try doing 3 sets and 8 to 10 reptitions for each exercise. This workout should take you about 15 minutes to complete.

You will not only feel stronger but also more flexible than before.

The resistance bands differ in not only length but also their resistance tension. I noticed that the exercise band that I bought could have been longer which would have made it easier for me to use. So make sure you get one that you know will be good for you. I also noticed that as I used my resistance band it did stretch out a little bit so that helped out. Just make sure you get a good strong band and be careful to not hit your self by not putting your feet firmly on the band when using it. Thanks to the gym’s being closed we are all forced into trying out new ways to workout. I am glad that I decided to try out the resistance bands because I would have never known how effective they really are for a guy like me who struggles to find the time and place for a good workout.

Author: Jaime
I started jogging when I was just 12 years old. I knew I was doomed to be chubby if I didn't do something. Luckily, my Dad would take me jogging with him so I learned to deal with it at an early age. Now I feel fortunate because now I can show others what it takes to keep feeling good inside and out.

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