Always carry a pair of jogging shoes with you. You just might run into a cool park.


Being prepared for anything is already defeating half the battle. Keeping a decent pair of running shoes in your car at all times can be a blessing for you, I often run into some nice quiet parks or a straight path on the riverbed to get me pumped up for my daily run. Even though sometimes it is only for 5 or 10 minutes,

I make sure I get in. So, always carry a pair of jogging shoes because you just might run into a cool park

Time goes by too fast not to get in a quick jog to keep yourself looking good over the years. So for me, keeping any pair of comfortable shoes in my trunk is a great help. I usually carry my athletic shoes in a plastic bag due to all the dirt and dust i bring in the car. It really does give me the inspiration for a quick jog just knowing that I got my shoes ready.

What a great time to think , reflect on your thoughts and release any unwanted stress by doing a quick run. I also like to carry a sweat towel and a spare t shirt just in case I’m too uncomfortable driving in my car later. Carrying a pair of headphones to listen to your music or podcast isn’t a bad idea either.

I really am into the jog- walking thing as I try to enjoy and not kill myself by over doing it.  I do a lot of bird watching, picture taking and sometimes I find neat stuff that people have dropped or lost at night. I actually came across a Milwaukee headband light that has different modes and one is too powerful to look at.

At first I didn’t want to pick up the grimy thing but I decided that I can take it to the cleaners and have it washed in a public machine. Well I washed it cleaned it up and inserted 3 new AAA batteries. It is now my go to headlamp for when I run late at night and when I drive Lyft and Uber Eats in the evenings.

I try to focus on jogging at parks in my area or on my route.  One of my favorite places to run is at my old childhood park called Boysen Park or the airplane park in Anaheim, California. It actually has a real fighter jet for the playground. So my point is that jogging at parks can also be great for sight seeing as well.

I never go jogging in the streets or neighborhoods as I feel this is too dangerous. I feel the park is much safer as you can eliminate a lot of smog, exhaust fumes and loud noises from the vehicles. I sometimes laugh when I see a person jogging in a busy traffic area dodging cars left and right.. I say gee guy why not jog to the park where the dogs must be on a leash  and no traffic. So even though i carry pepper spray just in a case a stray dog wants to bite me, the park is again a better place to go jogging.

I am not a great runner nor do I run light on my feet so I always tread lightly and use sole cushion inserts. At 225 pounds I have to make sure I don’t put too much stress on my knees. Lots of times I will run on the grass to avoid the hard pavement. The park is just so relaxing and the kids are playing in the background so it really is a peaceful and positive place to get your exercise in. The next time you decide to go for a run and you have your running shoes in the trunk then try your local park.









Author: Jaime
I started jogging when I was just 12 years old. I knew I was doomed to be chubby if I didn't do something. Luckily, my Dad would take me jogging with him so I learned to deal with it at an early age. Now I feel fortunate because now I can show others what it takes to keep feeling good inside and out.

4 thoughts on “Always carry a pair of jogging shoes with you. You just might run into a cool park.

  1. Hi Jaime
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on carrying a pair of shoes with you all the time in the car. It really makes sense as we don’t know when we can have surprise time or we may be crossing a neat and Green Park and suddenly get inner voice to jog a bit. If we are prepared we can start at any moment .It is a good advice to keep the pepper spray handy in case the stray dogs or the negative people attack us during early hours .  
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Thank you for understanding my simple article. I was too overwhelmed in the past with writing big articles so I decided to just write a couple quick ones and see how it works. You give me confidence that I needed.

  2. Hi Jaime, Thanks for this article it`s great and hopefully will encourage people to go out there and get some exercise. I do like the running shoes, they are good quality at a good price. 

    I do like the way you have provided many tips about running in public areas. things like safety and your advice about running on the streets. 

    I will seriously consider carrying running shoes after reading your article.

    All the best


    1. I am so glad you understand my mini article. I was just relying on my past experiences instead of doing time consuming research on this article. I was stressing out on writing big articles so I decided I better write small ones at least. I feel a lot better knowing that my colleague here at WA gets what I am writing. Gracias.

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