A squat rack for a home gym. It will give you more options


Everybody knows that getting in your squats regularly can be great for your physique. As we continue keeping safe from the covid, working out at home has become routine for us. Going to the gym after work or at lunch is now a thing of the past. Although I still belong to Planet Fitness only because it is very inexpensive and it is a good idea to change up your workouts once in a while, I now am used to working out at home thanks to the one-year lay off. The only thing I do miss is the squats and leg exercises I was able to do at the gym. Doing them at home can be impossible without a rack or leg machines.

Leg day can be done more frequently for size and strength.

Doing your leg workouts at home can be another obstacle that you will run into and you must be creative sometimes. Climbing stairs or doing lunges on a park bench can get old fast. This is when a squat rack for a home gym comes into play. Just think of how much you can accomplish with a solid and compact squat rack that will fit in your back patio. No more repetitive work outs of your upper body that can get too repetitive. Now you can incorporate your legs with not only squats but proper toe raises and good lunges now that you got the rack. You will be able to add more variety to your workouts and do legs more often.

You will be able to use the rack for upper body exercises as well.

A squat rack can be used for placing your straight bar on the rack for heavy bicep curls. Just like we did at the gym where we used the squat rack for many other exercises. Its just such a big machine that can hold a lot of weight and can be used for storing weight and doing straight bar exercises. We even do light military presses in the rack and use the bars for support.as well as shoulder shrugs. Pulling up the roman bench is no problem now as we use the straight bar and rest them on the safety supports and do Olympic width bench press.

The rack is very compact and takes up little space.

We tucked the rack in the corner of the patio and it does not take up much space. The weights can be placed on the supports and the bars to be kept off the ground. It is very easy to move around with no weight attached and it can be disassembled to look smaller by removing the extensions. It has an open space in front of the rack where many exercises can be performed or dumbbells can be stored.

The rack gives us more incentive to workout daily.

Having a squat rack in our home gives us more options and more reasons to hit the weights on a daily basis. I love the idea knowing that I can bust out some lunges or squats every night right in my own home. I really feel that I have a complete gym with a personal squat rack. I have so many optons now that I don’t think i really need to hit the gym as musc..it’s nice to have the choice of either driving in traffic to Planet Fitness or just get in a quick 10 minute lift at home.

Get the complete home gym set up with a squat rack.

Having the squat rack will just open things up for you at home. We no longer have to think of what exercise we should do. We hit the squats for warm- ups and finish up with toe raises. Before we had the rack, we rarely did our legs and focused too much on our biceps. We are much happier now and can build our lower body at home just as well as are upper. I highly do recommend getting a squat rack for your personal weight room. It will help you achieve the full body workout you were looking for right in your own back yard.



Author: Jaime
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