A simple leg day workout- At home or at the park.

One of my favorite days at the gym used to be leg day when they were open. I got in the habit of doing my legs a lot because I once hated doing them. Because of this I made myself do my legs every 2 to 3 days on purpose. I ended up falling in love with the way my body feels after squats. Now I do leg day with a smile on my face.

I noticed my son and I were getting in real good upper body workouts at home but we were not doing any legs. Other than jogging we just didn’t really incorporate any legs because we have no machines to do them with. Well this can all change with a couple dumbbells if you have them. I f not then grab some cans of vegetable soup for weights because these 5 exercises are easy to do and you will feel the burn with or without weights.

Regular squats are my favorite.

Make sure you always stretch or warm up at least a little bit before every work out. A regular squat while holding a weight in front of your chest will target your quads ans glutes. You can do 3 to 4 sets and 8-10 repetitions to get a good burn. I sometimes do these without any weights just get the stretch and also to boost up the pace sometimes. It is always a good idea to mix it up.

Lunges work great on stretching out those thighs.

This exercise will not not only target the glutes and hamstrings but also your calves. Again holding the weight in front of you begin by lunging forward with the left leg keeping your right leg stationary until the reps are completed. You can do one leg at a time or alternate legs if you like. I usually like to do one leg at time for a good burn.

Dead lifts hit your core, lower back and legs.

This move is a great exercise because it gets your lower back involved in strecthing out along with burning the legs. Just be careful when bending over that you are not jerking or tweaking your back. Take it slowly and focus on your good form.

To do these first stans tall with you feet under your hips. hold the weights on both sides with your hands. You can also grab a long rod or a broom stick to do these and use them as a barbell. Bend your kness and then swivel at your hips while keeping your core engaged.

Next drive your hips back until you feel the burn in your hamstrings. Try squeezing your glutes and then return to the standing position.

Jump squats are fun to do and they work great.

I did not believe in these at first but after a doing them on a regular basis I really think they are great for muscle building, cardio and overall maintaining good balance. They are also a lot different than the usual exercises I do so they are great because they mix things up. It never gets boring with this exercise.

To do them stand with your feet outside about shoulder width. Next drive your hips back and then down. Keep your chest up and focus on your hips going below your knees.Push yourself up by jumping from your heels and repeat for 8 reps and 3 sets to start with.You might feel a little embarrassed at first but you will get your form down just concentrate.

Calf raises are very important so dont neglect them.

Have you ever a seen a person with nice thick beautiful legs and small weak calves. It looks like 2 sticks holding up that torso and it does not look complete. Doing your calf raises are probably the easiest exercise I have ever done and they work like a charm. Your own body weight alone is good enough to build nice strong looking calves.

To do these just stand straight up with feet about shoulder width. Next push from your toes and extended yourself up as much as possible. You can do these with dumbbells or without and you will still feel the resistance. Do about 3 sets and 10 reps to start out with, but concentrate and focus on the burn you get while doing these. Doing your calf raises will pay off in a couple weeks of doing them as you will notice how sweet your legs look in the mirror.

Who needs the gym anyways.

Just because you do not have expensive leg machines or a power rack at home does not mean you cannot do a leg workout. Don’t give up that easy on your lower body. You can start by doing these 5 simple exercises and add on from there if you like. You can even start by doing just 2 or 3 of these exercises which will help you feel better, sleep better and look better. Always remember that even 5 minutes of exercise will help you live a more comfortable and quality of life. So if you can only get in a couple reps of squats than please make sure you take the time intstead of diregarding them.






Author: Jaime
I started jogging when I was just 12 years old. I knew I was doomed to be chubby if I didn't do something. Luckily, my Dad would take me jogging with him so I learned to deal with it at an early age. Now I feel fortunate because now I can show others what it takes to keep feeling good inside and out.

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