A Push Up Workout-No gym membership required.

Push ups are a powerful work out that hits the entire body. They also burn a big amount of calories in a short period of time. A push up work out helps in developing good cardiovascular health and also lowers your blood pressure. Push ups are another exercise that I like to get in first because it is a great warm up session and also helps prevent against shoulder injury during heavier exercises. Just like sit ups, a push up work out is something you should do daily and at the beginning of your workout so that way you always get it in. It is that important. There has been many times that I waited until the very end of my work out to do push ups and I ended up being too tired to care or just pressed for time. That is why you should always do little stuff first.

There a different ways to do your push ups

If push ups are too difficult at first, you can make the exercise easier for you. Do them on your knees or against a wall. I have done my push ups all three ways and they are all very good for your chest and triceps and you can feel it.

To perform a regular sit up

  1. Start kneeling on an exercise mat or the floor and bring your feet together behind you.
  2. Bend forward to position yourself in a high plank, the top of a push up position, with your palms flat on the mat, hands shoulder-width apart, and with your fingers facing forward or hands turned slightly in. Your shoulders should be positioned over your hands. Your feet should be together behind you and your back should be flat. Keep your abs pulled in.
  3. Slowly lower your body toward the floor. Maintain a rigid torso and keep your head aligned with your spine. Don’t let your low back sag or your hips hike upward.
  4. Continue to lower yourself until your chest or chin touch the ground. Your elbows may flare out during the downward movement.
  5. Press upward with your arms. Continue pressing until your arms are fully extended at your elbows and you’re back in the plank, at the top of the push up position.
  6. Repeat the downward movement. Start with 10 push ups, or however many you can do with proper form, and work your way up as you build strength.

Tips for proper form

  1. Keep your back straight and your core engaged.
  2. Your butt should be down, not lifted.
  3. Your body should form a straight line. Don’t arch your back or let your body sag down.

A push up work out will do wonders for your neck and facial area

Doing your push ups daily will help keep your double chin away and help your facial features look more chiseled. People that do push ups usually have a muscular upper chest area that looks great and keeps you looking young and strong. I notice when I do my push ups daily, I actually enjoy the way my face and neck look in the mirror. I can see the difference.

Push ups supports strong bones

Push ups do more than build muscles and challenge your heart. Because they are a weight-bearing move, push ups can also promote good bone health. Weight bearing exercises can help build strong bones and slow bone loss, according to the National Institutes Of Health.

Push ups can improve your posture

Good posture also comes from quality core strength and stability, and as mentioned, push ups can definitely help with that.

With most people working at home or a computer or phone, we are always hunching over. Push ups a great way to counter that with building up a stronger upper body.

Push ups are a good way to save you time from the gym.

You may want to join a Gold’s Gym but their monthly fees may not fit in your tight budget. Thankfully, you don’t need an expensive gym membership – or even any equipment – to obtain an effective and thorough full body workout. By engaging in push ups, you effectively fatigue major and minor muscle groups, which provide the same benefits as a traditional full body exercise performed at the gym.

They can prevent you from lower back injuries

Push ups call upon your entire torso to stabilize its movements. By doing so, you strengthen this vulnerable part of the body.

By developing strength in this specific portion of your body, you cultivate muscles responsible for reducing lower back pressure, which is imperative to prevent and treat low back injuries.

A push up work out can be a great way to start your work outs

As you can see, push ups are essential to any work out routine because they help aid with so many things.

When performed with proper form, push ups are a great way to strengthen your upper body and stabilize your core They can also provide a solid cardio challenge, promote good posture, and support healthy bones density

Author: Jaime
I started jogging when I was just 12 years old. I knew I was doomed to be chubby if I didn't do something. Luckily, my Dad would take me jogging with him so I learned to deal with it at an early age. Now I feel fortunate because now I can show others what it takes to keep feeling good inside and out.

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